Metlife Meeting Meets Royal Cliff’s Green Standards!


Pattaya, Thailand – From April 9th-13th MetLife (Korea) will hold the first of a series of three meeting at Royal Cliff Hotels Group. Over 500 participants and their families will be accommodated at the hotels group and will hold many of their functions around the property including PEACH (Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall); a prominent flagship of Royal Cliff Hotels Group. By choosing the Royal Cliff and adhering to the property’s green-oriented culture and standards, MetLife was honoured with the ‘Green Certificate’.                   The ‘Green Certificate’ is awarded to selected organisations for having taken great steps in helping to safeguard the environment, and help reduce global warming by opting to have their event at Royal Cliff Hotels Group. The event resulted in the reduction of many emissions, pollution and use of natural resources following the ‘Initiative on Green meeting’, the extensive and heavily implemented environmentally friendly initiatives and policies in place at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group and PEACH which have already served to improve the local environment and community. For more information on the Royal Cliff Hotels Group and PEACH, please visit and