"Siam Fiberglass invites young generation architects and interior designers to join Cylence Showcase.”


Mr. Sunchai Hangchaicharoen, Managing Director and Mr. Salin Kantanarumitkul, Marketing Department Manager, Siam Fiberglass Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SCG Cement-Building Materials Group and a manufacturer of Stay Cool insulation and Cylence acoustic insulation, organized a creative workshop, titled Cylence showcase Acoustic solution Seminar Episode 3, focusing on acoustic insulation design in architecture. Two guest speakers of the seminar were Dr. Krissada Vivatvakin, Managing Director, Atkrist Co., Ltd., and Ms. Korakoth Kunalungkarn, Board of Directors, Interior Architecture 103 Co., Ltd. They were exchanging experience in acoustic insulation applications and installations at various rooms and buildings such as sound studios and a meeting room at SCG 100th Years building between architectures and interior designers. The talk took place at SCG 100th Years building.