Make Mother's Day special activities at Suan Sampran

In Thailand, Mother’s Day is a national holiday held on 12th August to commemorate the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit the Queen Mother. During this holiday, families gather together to show their love and respect for their mother and finding the perfect quality time for their families.

This year, Suan Sampran is celebrating Mother's Day with our concept “Learn and Enjoy the Organic Way of Life” with unique activities exclusively tailored for the special holiday. The activities are available from 10th-12th August 2019 at both Patom Organic Village and Patom Organic Farm. These activities are designed for mothers and their families to have fun, learn and share new experiences together.

At Patom Organic Village, families can follow a special Mother’s Day journey to learn and create 4 different items including, Organic flowers herbal compress, Organic Jasmine rice scrub, Natural indigo dyed handbag, and Organic Jasmine tea.

At Patom Organic Farm, families can learn about our farm cycle with basic organic farming activities such as, soil preparation, planting seedlings, making natural compost and enjoy sampling the seasonal fruits and vegetables. A special Mother’s Day “Organic Foot Bath” (using a special blend of seasonal herbs) is available for families to wash and relax their feet before leaving the farm.

In addition, visit Sook Jai Farmers Market to shop for fresh local organic produce or sample many varieties of local delicacies.

By joining-in all these activities, your families are helping our organic movement to improve the quality of organic farmer’s lives and the environment in Nakorn Pathom.

Patom Organic Farm opens 3 rounds on weekend at 10.00 / 14.00 / 16.00 hrs.

Patom Organic Village  opens daily from 9.00-16.00 hrs.

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For reservation, please call 081-3595976 and 034322588.